This month flew by too fast and I cannot believe that it has ended and I almost feel like I have not achieved anything. With the protest still ongoing and hundreds of petitions still need signing, I hope you continue to help the way you can. I was able to read 36 books which are more than I had read for the first 5 months. Okay, admittedly most of the books were poems and graphic novels but they count. I have a few 5-star reads that I highly recommend you check out, some are yet to be released but I hope you check them out when they are released. I enjoyed MY DARK VANESSA which I have a full review, discussing the dangers of childhood molestation and pedophilia, then in a more fun romantic read GET A LIFE, CHLOE BROWN which I really enjoy, if you are a romance lover then this is the one for you. And if you are looking for a romance book series with black main characters then the Reluctant Royals series is one that you need to check out (who would not like a tall glass of chocolate as a man, let me stop before I reveal my thirst self).

Then 2 graphic novels that I read were Invisible Differences by Julie Dachez which I gave 5 stars (by the way follow me on goodreads), this book addresses issues people on the autism spectrum face. (Release date: 18 August 2020) The second is Fangs by Sarah Andersen which is such a sweet fluffy romance between a vampire and a werewolf (Release date: 1st September 2020). The ARCs were provided by Netgalley

I was unable to watch new dramas, most of the dramas I watched this month were dramas that I started in May, Mystic Pop-up Bar, THE KING: ETERNAL MONARCH, THE WORLD OF THE MARRIED INTENSE LOVE which I really enjoyed. I hope you check them out. I highly recommend Intense Love, it is a Chinese drama which is very fast-paced and very fun to watch, the main characters were just plain hilarious.

I started making music recommendations this month and I will try to make at least 3 music recommendation posts per month (fingers-crossed, inconsistency seems to be my middle name). I also started a podcast that I hope you check out and support me.

  • Pporappippam by SUNMI
  • Maria by HwaSa
  • Like That by Doja Cat
  • Stay Gold by BTS
  • How You Like That? by Blackpink

Thanks for reading.

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