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Confession time, I don’t think I read anything in the month of April, I was too busy, swamped with school work, most of my favorites for the month of April would be music and a few dramas that I watched in the middle of the night when I was supposed to be sleeping.

I did manage to read two books in April but they are in no way a favorite of mine, they just pissed me off, the first is The Initiation by Nikki Sloane and the other is Irresistible by R.L. Mathewson which I am currently still reading and at this point, I am giving both books 2.7 out of 5 stars each.

There are four dramas that I was totally invested in, in the month of April, the first is the Memorist, which I have still not completed but absolutely love so far, the next is The King: The Eternal Monarch, this story have not progressed enough for me to say how I really feel without relying on my bias. The World of the Married is another one that I am really enjoying, although, to those who have watched Dr. Foster, this drama isn’t fresh because it is what the world of the married is based on. I also completed the Graceful Family, which I really enjoyed and gave 8.9 out of 10 stars.

There were so many songs released in the month of April, although most of the songs I really enjoyed last month were older songs. Please recommend me songs to listen to in May

  • Refresh by ZICO and KANG DANIEL
  • Spit it Out by Solar (MAMAMOO)
  • I just want to stay with you by Zion.T (OST for The King: The Eternal Monarch)
  • 시작 by Gaho (OST for Itaewon Class)
  • Still Standing by Yesung and Suran

What were your favorites for the month of April? Do we have any similarities?

Thanks for reading

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