Podcast: Xenophobic Reaction to BTS Speech at the UNGA

Welcome to another podcast episode!!! I am a little saucy when it comes to BTS. Especially when it comes to racially biased opinions. I mean it is one thing to not like their music another is to hate them just for being Korean. Or being a popular boy band who sing songs in multiple languages. […]

Podcast: AMERICA is a BIG JOKE

Welcome to another podcast episode! All eyes have been on America for the past few months. Especially with the way the Trump Administration have the COVID-19 Pandemic. We see him accuse China of the virus (while it is true that the virus originated there). Instead of actually devise plans to control the virus. The United […]

Podcast: Non-Conforming Sexuality in Africa

Welcome to another episode on my podcast! Today I am bringing to you a review of  THE DEATH OF VIVEK OJI. A discussion on how homosexuality is viewed in Africa. And generally how non-conforming sexuality is perceived in Africa. I have referenced some studies that have been carried out on the history of sexuality in […]

Podcast: White-Washed Feminism

Welcome to another podcast highlight! I appreciate you all interacting during my last podcast, on which I spoke about writers’ obsession with trilogies. If you have not listened to that episode it is available on Spotify and almost every platform you listen to podcasts on. I divided this episode into 2 parts. In the first […]

PODCAST: Midnight Sun|| I want Rosalie’s Story!

Welcome to another podcast episode! EXPLICIT I have been trying to read more diversely since last year. Two reading goals for 2020 were to read books written by authors living in Africa, writing about characters in Africa, Read books that have been translated from other languages. So far I have been keeping to my challenges. […]

PODCAST: Perception of Suicide and Death

NEW PODCAST EPISODE ALERT!!! Two books I read recently have brought to mind again suicide and the hush-hush conversations about it. Suicide has and probably will always be a topic that is hard to breach and talk about however, I believe a difficult but necessary conversation to have. In Karmen, the realities and the pain […]

Why is Mental Health not a topic of conversation in African Homes?|| NEW EPISODE ON PODCAST

Hello and welcome to another post! Sharing the new episode on my podcast TOPIC: Why is Mental Health not a topic of conversation in African Homes?|| Harmful stereotypes, Mad Macho Mentality, Lack of Mental Awareness Learning more about mental health and my psychology courses have opened my eyes to the lack of mental health education […]


Hello and welcome! I have a new episode up on my podcast, where I reviewed White Fragility; Why it is so hard for white people to talk about racism by Robin Diangelo As a black person, I am giving my opinion and why I think you shouldn’t read this book if you are looking to […]