Hello! I know that I have been joining a lot of read-a-thons and I cannot be more excited about this one. As you probably know, I love Korean culture, music, dramas, and food, my love for them is what made me decide to join in the readathon. This read-a-thon is created and c0-hosted by Monica […]


Hello and welcome! Guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!! By now, you all know about my love for Korean culture (Kpop, Kdrama) so when I saw this read-a-thon created by Noura¬†@theperksofbeingnourablog. I was so freaking excited. If you are interested in partaking in this kpopreadathon, here is a link for the different kpop groups teams you can join and the […]


Hello!! This Wrap Up is a bit different and I have been told to include trigger warnings (but I don’t know why any of what I am talking about require a warning)… Woah! MAY, gosh (I honestly can’t put into words the weight of this month).I believe at this point we can all agree that […]


Hello and welcome!!!!!! At this point, I have not left my house in 9 days and I am beginning to miss Pizza, which is the least thing anyone should be worried about. Anyways, classes are still going on, I still have essays and portfolios to submit and I have been keeping busy with reading and […]