DOOM AT YOUR SERVICE – So Confusing!!!

Welcome to another Korean drama review! Since I watched VINCENZO I have not finished any other Korean drama. I have binge-watched a couple of Chinese dramas but I try not to categorize them together. Korean dramas are just so different in the level of absurdity that their stories have. This drama is a typical example […]

VINCENZO – Morally Grey Characters We Love!

Hello and welcome to another Korean drama review! This is one of my most anticipated Korean dramas of 2021 and having finished watching the last episode, I think I better break down why I love this drama. First, I must point out that you check out my other Kdrama reviews as I find that most […]

5 Unconscious Lessons from KDRAMA ‘Run On’

Hello and welcome to another Korean drama review! I recently binge-watched all 16 episodes of this drama and I have to tell you, it is simply perfection. While, as always, I have some reservations and complaints about certain story arcs, it was just perfection. It took me a bit to get to this drama but […]

KDRAMA ‘She Would Never Know’ is NOT SO GREAT!!!!

Hello! Welcome to a review of Kdrama ‘She Would Never Know’. I recently completed this drama and whilst it was a little lower than what I expected, it was really okay and I enjoyed it but there are so many things that were highlighted in this drama. With this drama still fresh in mind, I […]


Hello and welcome to another Korean drama post!!! I rarely make a post like this. Since I have not watched this drama yet, it is very hard for me to judge how good it will be. But after watching the trailer, and seeing the cast and the roles they would each play. High expectations with […]


Hello and welcome to review of the uncanny counter!!! I am so happy that I started this year with this drama. If you have not checked out my post on dramas you need to watch, the link is HERE. Today, I will be reviewing a new favourite drama that has introduced me to a lot […]


Welcome to another Kdrama post! You clicking this post tells me that you love Korean dramas or you are curious and want to either know what the fuss is about or you love me. I am inclined to believe the last one, don’t judge me. Anyways, we all can agree that 2020 has not gone […]


Hello and welcome!! It’s been a bit since I wrote a drama review, I have no motivation to do anything these days. Anyways, I binged this drama over one day and night on VIKI (This is not a sponsored post, but I wish). So lately I have been trying a lot of websites and applications […]


Welcome to another Asian drama review! I have had issues making time to watch dramas recently. This unlike me and I hope that things can go back to normal soon. I recently completed this drama and I just couldn’t wait to let you all know about it. It is absolutely phenomenal and completely different from […]