5 Romance Authors You Want To Read

Welcome to your next romance read! I have been hesitating with this post. I have a list of authors whose books just blow me away all the time. However, today I will be introducing 5 authors that write romance stories to you. Some of these authors are long time authors for me, who I couldn’t […]

Podcast: White-Washed Feminism

Welcome to another podcast highlight! I appreciate you all interacting during my last podcast, on which I spoke about writers’ obsession with trilogies. If you have not listened to that episode it is available on Spotify and almost every platform you listen to podcasts on. I divided this episode into 2 parts. In the first […]

PODCAST: Writers Obsession With Trilogies

Welcome to another podcast highlight! In this episode on my podcast, I talk about the obsession authors have with trilogies and how detrimental to the quality of their work. There is also the possibility that the ‘trilogy obsession’  is a fault of the publishers and not that of the authors. Midnight sun sells 1 million […]

Sisters of Berlin ||#LoveBooksGroup #Juliet Conlin

Welcome to my stop on the Sisters of Berlin Blog Tour. I extend my appreciation to Love Book Tours and Black &White Publishing for making this book available to me. A digital copy of this book was provided to me for an honest review. As always I will be including my REVIEW POLICY for anyone […]


Mafia Week!! Welcome to another post by a struggling blogger! A few days ago I watched 365 DNI and I went live on my IG and ranted at length at how I thought it was trash and glorification of Stockholm Syndrome. Basically everyone who had watched it just told me to shut my hole and […]