Hello and welcome to another book review! It took me a bit longer to finish this book not because it was a big book or because it was boring but because it was very heavy and the story a little too close to home for me. When I picked this book up, I knew what […]

LET’S GET PUBLISHED|| #Lovebooksgroup #ValPenny #Lovebooktours

Hello!!! Welcome to another blog tour. Since I joined different book tour groups, I have just been getting a lot of books, honestly, I rarely have time to read all of them but I make time for the ones I review. Reading this book was such an eye-opener. I am so used to reading fictional […]


Hello!!! I know that I rarely review books individually except they are part of a book tour but I can’t help but review this new adult romance book by Talia Hibbert. I love this book, I flew through this book so fast and I have read it again before reviewing it. The characters are just […]

Reluctant Royals || Book Review

Hello! I have been trying to diversify my reading by adding a lot of black authors (I have a lot on my list already but a bit more won’t hurt anyone) and I thought rather than just read books that talk about struggles that black people (As I have read a lot of that in […]

Book I Read Recently #15

Hello! It’s been a while since I did a comprehensive book review. A while back I stopped doing monthly book wrap-ups since I rarely keep to my monthly TBRs and I started doing the books I read recently series. I have accumulated a few books over the past few weeks and I guess this is […]

Recommending Books for Every Trope || Adult Romance

Hello and welcome!!!! I have been reading a lot since I have been home all day for the past few weeks. Adult romance is always one genre that I really get drawn too and I have read quite a few in the past years that I have decided that some are worthy of you checking […]


Hello and welcome!!! As always, my monthly TBR post is late again, but better late than never. I have a very ambitious TBR for the month of April, its almost ridiculous. I am planning on reading a minimum of 10 books this month, hopefully which is about more than I have read in the past […]