Review Policy (For Authors and Publishers)


I appreciate you reaching out to me. I believe you have done so to expand and diversify your audience. I will always reply to your email regarding a request which would let you know if I am interested in reading and reviewing your book. However, here are a few guidelines you need to check out to make sure that I am the right person to be reading and reviewing your book. If I read your book and I believe that I will be giving it a lower rating than 2 stars then I will get in contact with you to let you know what I think and provide a list of reasons for the low rating and probably the audience that might enjoy it. 

Request Guidelines

  1. I accept Print and Digital Copies (ePUB or via Kindle)
  2. I live in the UK (mailing address would be provided when an acceptance email is sent to you)
  3. If you are sending an ARC and want a review before publication, send it not less than a month before publication
  4. Author’s social media handles should be included (so that I can check them out)
  5. I am inclined to accept books that fall heavily in Romance, Sci-Fi, and Fantasy genre, BUT do not hesitate to send your books in regardless

What I Offer

After I have read your book, I might be willing to participate in any blog tours you are running. I will review your book on my blog, Goodreads (and Amazon if a prior agreement is reached), and promote it on Twitter and Instagram (if a Print Copy is provided). I will include necessary links

Additional Comments

  1. I take diversity and accountability very important, so I might be inclined to accept review requests for books with a diverse (Black, Asian, e.t.c.), mental, and physical disability representation. 
  2. If you are a self-published author and you want me to review your book, the request guidelines still apply
  3. If you are requesting that I join a reviewers club, blog tour group, and more, comment 1 still applies


Thank you for reading.



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