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I love reading and sometimes I read books that make it seem like I am reading about my life. I just have to hope that mine has a happy ending like the stories in the books.


Poem Title and Poem


I as a person, am a book

As there are numerous pages

And numerous chapters

Expansive plot

Detailed and expressive characters

Heartbreaks, falling in love, having fun

Killing and being killed

Saving and being saved

A single book may not save the world

But change a person’s life

But I hope it does

But as a book, I am bound to be read

I might gather dust and yellow out

But little by little I hope you get to meet a book

I might get wet and down

But I am still a book

Let me dry and open again, my lettery content will remain the same

A new edition might be released and some paragraphs edited but my message remain the same

I hope you read me and you decide to reread and pass on

I as a book, I hope it changes you

For better or for worse

Something changes

I as a book



My love for books has to be my inspiration.



A while



If you look at a person’s life, like a book then you will understand the chapters in one’s life. I used people I see around as an example and I realized that a book always leads to that final chapter, no matter how long the book series is. It always have an end. It might be anti climatic and an unhappy end but it’s still an end.


Thanks for reading

I hope you enjoy and love something about my poem. Don’t forget to check out my other poems.

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