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All poems are written by me unless otherwise stated…. okay, I am not always romantic but sometimes, I can’t help feeling like a big marshmallow. Anyways let’s get over this sappiness.

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My journey began with you

You who had abundance of unreasonable hope

Hope that made me keep going in circles

I see the galaxy through your eyes

It is beautiful

You say, I have a galaxy in my heart

Same as yours

The love we have is bounded by hope

As is the infinite universe

Our love is predestined

The universe parts to accept the magnitude of our love

I rode far away from you

But I fooled myself

I forgot the earth is spherical

My ending point will be you


This one was just me fooling around. I read so many books about love and second chances although those thing rarely happen in the real world. But one can definitely hope it could.


I actually wrote this a long thing ago. About 2 days


When two people believe they click, it might seem right away but it really isn’t, the amount of untended calculations that have gone into that moment is massive. To love deeply and truly, each person have to had taken a personal journey that ended them in that spot where they meet. Loving brings one full circle which is why I used spherical love.


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