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Blind Eye

I am tired of you pretending not to see me

I feel transparent

I give my blood, sweat and tears

To please you, but do I?

Working hard, losing strength

My best is not good enough

I still feel invisible because you don’t see me

I work, you comment

Well supposed to comment

But you fail to do so

I am being ignored

Cause you turn a blind eye

I would give up but not today

I will try again tomorrow

Hoping to get you approval

I will wait another day

I hope I have the strength to continue until you turn to me

I will wait even without strength

I will wait

Please turn to me


I might sound like a person whining but even when you are ignored your feelings still remain. It’s like no one can understand the pain you are experience but you really shouldn’t expect them to understand.


I wrote this in a day


I promised myself that the last thing I would do is try to impress anyone will putting myself in the backseat. You need to do things for you, do something good because you want to, not because you are trying to impress someone.

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