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Here is another poem day, this is slowly becoming my favourite type of post. It is the exact type of release I need.

Poem Title and Poem

Political Nuisance

Am I wrong to have caught your lie?

I am sure you feel you are going crazy

You think its dope for you to cheat

You steal from the hustle of the people

My golden sweat, you steal

I might act a fool

It’s my love for peace

That prevents me from calling your sorry ass out

The youth despise the sight of you

Aren’t you supposed to be our inspiration?

You make a mockery of our hard work

Most sacrifice their youth at the war front

Protecting a war-torn country

You sit behind your desk

Plotting ways, you can siphon money off our pain and misfortune

We have become pawns in your game

Your ambitiousness to make money off the power you hold

It is probably our fault for allowing you to sit in power

Your behavior has exposed you lies

We find it easy to lie to ourselves

The same case for you

You think you have us fooled

I am sorry think again

We are coming for you

The army is almost ready

The war is at your doorstep

You would have to flee or fight

But you are a self-centered thief who can’t fight for himself

You are a coward who would run

Leave now, to conserve peace

Make room for someone ready to be honest

You can go now

That’s my piece



Well I live in a society where the people in power keep stealing the nation’s fund without being brought to justice while the whole nation is in the pit of poverty



I wrote this in a day.



The corrupt politician who we have voted for due to our own lack of concern and corruption. To some level it’s our fault for putting him in power, because our selfishness is affecting the whole country. “Selfishness of the Masses


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