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Another week, another poem day, today’s poem will be about PERFECTION.

Poem Title and Poem


Everyone wants to achieve perfection

But do they have the price perfection demands

There is no perfect one

Some believe in the supreme being who they say is perfect

I am sure there is no perfect being

That is why there will always be that one thing that you don’t like about yourself

Don’t think you are alone

It is the same for everyone

The only difference is the fact that some people accept their imperfection

Some challenge the imperfection

Some move along with their imperfections

Some try to leave it behind

It is a part of you and it will follow wherever you go

There is no neglecting your imperfection

There is a glaring difference compared to your perfection

Own it

Love it

Your imperfections make you perfect

Perfection is achieved when you can accept and use your imperfection



I have always had to deal with my weight and how people see me. Before to me, Being plus size was one of the things holding me back and I would do anything to hide away. I was depressed and constantly trying to do things to be perfect to other people.

I wrote it hoping that it would help anyone struggling to understand that ‘perfection is what we make it‘.



I wrote this poem about 4 years ago and I wrote it in frustration and anger but at the same time I was able to come to the realization that no one is perfect and I should just love myself the way I was.



Everyone is trying to be perfect but perfection isn’t definite. Honestly what can you say is perfect? No one is perfect, nothing is perfect.

It’s something everyone wants but no one can have, you have to define your own perfect.

A lot of people chase perfection based on someone else’s standard.

Set your standard and try to achieve it. Simple

I hope you set your own standard of perfection today


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