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I am in pain, but I am scared if I admit it, I will hurt more

I have a heart that is in pain, but I know admitting it will make it hurt more

I can love you more

I love you

I don’t want to be like Romeo and Juliet

But I can love you more

You who took my star away because you left

Left my day in darkness because you took my sun

No goodbye, you left

Hypnosis don’t turn me from you

I can’t stand my lingering feelings

It hurts more, knowing I lost love

My memory of you may fade but it’s not gone

It’s there and it drives me crazy

Lost my voice calling after your love

I talk, advising myself to shed tears

For my loss and I do cry, a lot

Cause I am in pain

I pretend to smile, to make you think I am over you

I will laugh now to make you think I am over you

I am a fool for you


This poem is actually inspired by BTS song titled ‘let me know’. I really love that song.


They say that the fear of loss is usually mor painful that loss itself. Accepting loss is something no one can explain, it can’t be taught. Because you want other not to worry, you smile and pretend to be okay while crying silently.


Thanks for reading.

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