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Everyone seeks one
The hero seeks one
But of course, a hero is not a fixed tool
Not a vessel with limited capacity
Not too busy to save
A true hero is dedicated to pursing truth
Not saving
As he can’t be closed minded and blocked by biases
A hero as no complex
As biased compassion comes from complexes
Which begs the question
Who is a hero?
The answer will not bring intelligence
Only confusion
Intellect is found in the question



These days I seem to always need a hero to save me, forget that I am also someone’s hero and I need to pick myself up.

But at the same time remember that, it’s okay to feel down sometimes but to know that the sun will rise again.



I really can’t remember but I do recall watching The Return of Iljimae when I wrote this.



Everyone seek a hero but sometimes we have such high expectations. Everyone is a hero to another. Heroes are not vessels with limited capacity as they have to hold the responsibility of others.


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