So I actually took a step and published a book on Kindle through the Kindle Direct Publishing and it was a really eye opening situation for me. You never know what goes into making a book until you try.

If you to check it out, here is a LINK. It’s a book of poems collectively talking about social imbalance, depression, love and every feeling you might have felt. Checking it out and leaving a review would really help me with my future work



Don’t let your tears drown you in loneliness

Cry me a river is not just an expression to you

Its reality

You feel suffocated by the pressure and expectation

The ones you know you can’t meet

Don’t let the pressure get to you

Don’t give up

Deafen your ears to those who say others have it worse

I understand

Pain is not comparable

‘It hurts’ is all that matters

If you decide to leave no one will go with you

I want you to stay with me because you are my friend

You are my friend

I will not die with you

But I will go to hell and back to save you

Do you want to leave me in pain?

By running away from your pain

You want your pain to end

I understand but

I can’t know you are sinking

If you don’t yell for help

It is also my fault that I didn’t look out for you

But don’t give up on me because I love you

I hope my love is not suffocating

Cause I can take a step back to make you comfortable

You are not alone, remember that

You have us

Raise a hand so I know you need help

I would run to you, to save you

As saving you means also saving myself from pain

Do not leave me in pain

Cause I might drown along with you

Save me from drowning by calling for help

I will run to you.


Thanks for reading.

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