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Watching kdramas is both for fun and also most definitely for learning life lessons.

Sometimes I end up learning some valuable lessons while watching some sappy love kdramas

Here is a short list, that I can remember at the moment.

  • A flower that blossoms in the wind and snow is a true flower (Master: Ruler of the Mask)

  • Is there such a thing like a wound “from the past”? Every wound exist in the present (Your Honor)

  • Power is like grains of sand, the more you grab it the more it will fall out of your hands (Jumong)

  • Humans live today based on how they lived yesterday (Arang and the Magistrate)

  • A man’s desperation can open any door (Goblin)

  • Truth is lonely, loneliness is bitter (Man X Man)

  • If the time of eternity is colored in black and white, humans shine in all kinds of colors as if they can be shattered at any moment (Angel’s Last Mission: Love)

  • A conscience with no power is very weak and feeble (Haechi)

  • This world is worth existing only if the people who live in it care for one another (The Return of Iljimae)

  • No matter how smart a person may be, when they have something to hide, they become a fool (Master: Ruler of the Mask)

  • The law can’t define all the rules of society. That’s why we have good faith and normal social rules (Touch Your Heart)

  • Freedom without obligation is the same as violence (Search:WWW)

  • Revenge is the finest ingredient when developing your skills (Search:WWW)

  • Everything has an expiration date (Absolute Boyfriend)

  • Remember, to treat an illness is different from healing a person (Doctor John)

  • Do you know what death is? Being forgotten by the ones you love (Doctor John)


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Have you watched any of these kdramas? Did you enjoy them? What kdrama quotes do you like?


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