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I feel like before I start, I need to point out that is my opinion, you are entitled to yours. This is my favourite BTS songs.


Me loving these songs have more to do with the lyrics and the general feel of the songs rather than music videos, performance, choreography and even the instrumentals.

I have to say my favourite album till date is the WINGS album, I just love it.

For this post I will not be adding any solo songs e.g I love Lie, which is Jimin solo but I won’t be adding it to the list.

10. The CYPHERS PT.1-4

Okay so we all have to agree that the bars that Suga, J-hope and RM were spitting on these tracks were fire.

I don’t know how else to say this than “that shit is fire”

Check it out if you like rap

9. DNA

This is a widely popular song and it was in the LOVE YOURSELF: HER album

Our encounter is the mathematical formula

The law of religion, the providence of the Universe

Evidence of fate given to me, you are the source of my dream

To me, it is the sweetest love story ever..

8. Butterfly

This is one of my favourite songs in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL MOMENT IN LIFE:YOUNG FOREVER which is a complication album

I’ll stop the time (give it away)

After this moment (past)

I’m afraid I will be afraid to lose you

This song is so sweet and sad, it more about a fleeting moment than of loss, being too afraid of a moment in time passing, wishing you could get it back.

7. Magic Shop

This was on the LOVE YOURSELF: TEAR album

I know you’re hesitating

After all, it returns to the scars

I will not say anything that makes you feel strong

It’s about keeping strong has you walk through a dark world because you can hope that the one you love would be waiting at the end. The magic shop is more like a representation of what you get waiting through tough times.

I really loved this song.

6. Love is not over

The feel of this song is just out of this world

Love is Sick and painful, yeah

Parting is sick and more painful

I would not do without you

This is probably about being unable to do without someone but then when they do leave, you realize that it is worse than you thought. So you don’t want the love to end.

5. House of Cards

Now this one, is one you need to watch live, it just get you in the mood. The four vocalist singing in the rain just makes it a whole lot hotter.

Now, everything I subtracted from you before your eyes

Darkness with a tremendous darkness

Speak like a fool

Just watch the live performance, you will be blown away. This song is really not clear, it feels like a sweet song but it is quite dark. It might be about two lovers who are living in a house made of card (I.e a feeble or false relationship) which is easy to fall and since they are in the house, it would crumble on them.

Just my interpretation!

4. Paradise (낙원)

This is definitely one of my best BTS songs and I can’t recommend it enough.

It’s okay not to run, stop and take a breath in paradise

It’s okay to stop

You do not have to run without knowing why

It’s fine without a dream

At first this song seems like it is saying to give up but it is quite different, it more like take a pause, evaluate why you are doing things, is it for you or is it to please others. “Its okay not to have a dream, be happy”

If you have moments of happiness for a while

It’s okay to stop

I do not run without knowing the purpose

It’s fine without a dream

all your breathing is already in paradise

we make dreams from others (like debt)

3. Blood, Sweat & Tears

Damn this song, no matter how much I listen to it, just can’t get enough. Still has my favourite BTS theory. The lyrics is just another thing.

You’re addicted to prison

I cannot serve anyone other than you

This song is about temptation and falling and being happy in the destructive love. Temptation and sin was the major theme of the song.

I just loved it

2. Hold Me Tight

Okay, maybe this TMI, I listen to this song every day in the shower. I just love the feel and how it flows, gosh, it just so good

It’s still a light for you

It’s still a fragrant flower

Now believe me, hold me again

I believe this song is about a hopeful reunion but if it doesn’t happen then that okay but please don’t let me go.

1. Spring Day

It been years and a lot of great songs have been released but this song just stays on the top of the list for me.

Will we meet (see you)

Past the end of the cold winter

Until springtime comes again

Until flowers

Stay a little longer there


The way it talks about loss and missing someone is just so precious and sad

I never forget

I want to be honest

I’ll erase you

It’s less painful than resenting you

Feeling pain so deep that the only way to take it away is erase the memory of a loved one because you resent them for making you feel so much that the loss of them is painful


I have a lot of songs I want toadd to this list, Sea, Outro: Tear and much more

BTS’ albums have recurring themes that fall under the over-arching theme of reflection of youth.
Their school trilogy explored the troubles and anxieties of school-age youth.

Their youth series tackled a subject that the vast majority of youth experience, mental health and the desire to belong in society.

Wings focused on temptation and sin.
The Love Yourself series utilized a narrative form to illustrate the excitement of love, the pains of farewell, and the enlightenment of self-love.


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Are you a BTS fan? What is your favourite BTS song? Have you heard any of these songs?

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