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After watching a gazillion YouTube videos about tier ranking, people have ranked food, albums, books, pokemon, and almost anything you can think of. And as much as I have a lot of things to rank, I decided to go with the historical Korean dramas that I have ever watched. Honestly, I didn’t rank all the historical dramas that I have watched, I just stuck to the ones that I could remember at the time.


God Tier ( Unbeatable): These are dramas that no matter how many times I watch it and compare it to newer dramas, they remain the best


Empress Ki

A jewel in the Palace

Six Flying Dragons


The Return of Iljimae


Rebel: The thief who stole the people

Great (Think about often): There are dramas that once in a while, they pop in my head and I watch them again because of the quality of the story and the characters that I have missed. I highly recommend these dramas.

The Kingdom of the Wind

Gu Family Book

The Royal Gambler

Dong Yi

Queen for Seven Days

The Crowned Clown

Emperor: Ruler of the Mask

The moon that Embraces the Sun

Warrior Baek Dong-soo

Love in the Moonlight

Kim Soo-Ro: The Iron King

Moon Lovers

Good: These are good dramas and I would probably recommend, most of them fall in the comedic category, and there was no intense political or historical background like the ones in the God Tier

100 days my prince

My Sassy Girl

Sungkyunkwan Scandal


Grand Prince

Tale of Nokdu

Alright (I don’t hate it): These are fun dramas, lacked the intense comedy present in the Good Tier, might not recommend it but I might watch a few scenes that I enjoyed again.

Rookie Historian Goo Hae-ryung

My Country: The New Age

Arang and the Magistrate

Flower Crew: Joseon Marriage Agency



Deep Rooted Tree

Forgettable (Could have done without it): These are dramas that I almost forgot that I had watched because they left little to no impression. I definitely won’t be recommending these dramas but they all focus on some I can’t live without your love shit.

Mirror of the Witch

Saimdang: Memoirs of Colors

The scholar who walks the night

Queen: Love and war

My only love song

The King in Love

The Princess Man

If you are interested in making you own, here is a link: Tier Ranking Korean Historical Dramas

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2 thoughts on “Tier Ranking Korean Historical Dramas

  1. I usually agreeing with your rating and seems like we have very similar taste. The only one I’m strongly disagreeing is ‘The Princess Man’. I think the drama is a very well executed and written drama from almost every aspect, one I would categorise as ‘God Tier’. It may not have the complexity on storyline as Jumong (which I also love!), but it’s a total winner for me.

    1. Yeah, Princess Man is just so forgettable to me and it stems majorly from the type of historical dramas I really enjoy, I love dramas that are rooted in actual history with less of a romance element. Princess man is really good too

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