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This week, it’s a bit difficult for me to do the normal tag because I have had a particular album on repeat. So instead, I will list 8 of my Favourite songs from the Hotel Del Luna Original Soundtrack

Hotel Del Luna was recently concluded, ending on high ratings and I would be doing a KDRAMA REVIEW soon, so don’t forget to check it out.

All these songs are so sad and about longing for someone you know you will soon lose and it relates to the drama itself.

Some of the songs are from the perspective of the one leaving and the other from the one staying behind, experiencing the loss of the loved one.



Lean on me by 10cm (나 의어깨애 기대어요)

Don’t cry even if you’re sad because of your lonely heart

Lean on my shoulder

Are you listening to me now?

Don’t leave me


Only You by Yang Da II (너만나만너만)

This song is just like a beautiful poem

Even if I try to bear it

Unbearable feelings

I can’t hide it anyway

Lole the like shining in the night sky

My heart for you is light


Remember Me by Gummy (기억해줘요 내 머듣 날과 그때를)

On a day that tears up for no reason (days I cry for no reason)

I’m looking for you

Remember all my days and then

As you erase, it becomes clearer

My heart hurts but I have to send you

Remember me I only loved you


Done For Me by Punch

The slow rap just did it for me, I really like this particular song. It’s so sad too

Love is gone, the memories left are hurting

The memory you left me became a thorn

I want everything to disappear

I want everything erased


Can You See My Heart by Heize (내 맘을 볼 수 있나요)

It’s so painful and I feel sad when I listen to this song, I love Heize and this song just deepened my love for her (it is a song about leaving)

I have tears

It hurts when I see you

Love alone

I have to go back someday

I’ll walk there alone

I’m sad


So Long by Paul Kim (인녕)

It might not be in this life but I hope to see you again

I’m afraid

I keep getting greedy

Hello now hello

I hope to see you again


All About You by Taeyeon

As the stars in the night sky shine

I’ve been by your side for a long time


Another Day by Monday Kiz and Punch

This is my favourite song on the list and I can’t stop listening to it. It’s so sad that it feels like Kiz is crying. This song is more about accepting loss.

I feel you in the cold wind

I close my eyes and think of you

I’ll keep all of the good memories



Thanks for reading.

Do you know any of these artists? Have you heard any of these songs? Did you enjoy of them?

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