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For this week’s music day, I will not be doing the usual tag. I will be listing my 15 favourite Korean Drama OSTs (Original Sound Tracks)

Based on the fact that I have watched a lot of dramas, I have quite a long list but I will try to keep it short and beautiful.

“A good song is like an enticing whisper for the soul”


  1. Path of Tears by Wheesung (Moon that embraces the sun)
  2. Fairytale by Ra.D (Encounter)
  3. Tears like Today by (You who came from the stars)
  4. This Love by Davichi (Descendants of the sun)
  5. Always by Yoon Mi Rae (Descendants of the sun)
  6. Even if I die, it’s you by V(BTS) & Jin (BTS) (Hwarang)
  7. Flower’s letter by Park Hyo Shin (Iljimae)
  8. My Love by Lee Hi (Moon Lovers)
  9. Can You Hear My Heart by Epik High Ft. Lee Hi (Moon Lovers)
  10. Cherry Blossom Love Song by Chen (EXO) (100 Days my Prince)
  11. Who are you by Sam Kim (Goblin)
  12. Wind by Jung Seung Hwan (Moon Lovers)
  13. Fondly, Goodbye by Sung Si Kyung (Love in the Moonlight)
  14. The Person I love by K.Will (Ruler: Master of the Mask)
  15. Because of You by Just (Healer

I realized while looking through my music files that I have a lot more favourites but I will stop here. These songs are just so good.


Thanks for reading.

Have you listened any of the above songs? Did you like it?

2 thoughts on “THURSDAY MUSIC DAY #5

  1. OMG.. I have listen to all of the soundtrack above, Davichi is one of my favorite artist thought I will say only 6 are my favorite from the list namely: My Love,Can You Hear My Heart, Because of You, Who Are You, This Love and Patches of Tears.

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