The K-Drama Talk Show

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As much as I claim that I have been unproductive during this period, I have been productive. I published a book on Kindle ( if you want to check it out, the link is available in my All Products section above). I had been thinking of starting a podcast (although I had no idea what the content would be about), and I was finally able to create a podcast with my friend, Uduak.

The K-Drama Talk Show

We both share a love for Korean Drama, Music, and culture and we have always wanted a way to share our appreciation of the culture. I do have a lot of technical problems as we are on two sides of the planet (and we would love your advice regarding how to better do this)

For our very first episode, we dissected ONE SPRING NIGHT, a drama that raises a lot of questions regarding domestic violence, societal expectations, and love. To listen to use discuss Click Here: ONE SPRING NIGHT

I hope you check us out, we are available on Breaker, Google Podcast, Radiopublic, Pocket Cast, Spotify, and Anchor.

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