I have another list of songs I want to recommend to you.

I am a mood listener, so you can tell what my mood is by the songs I am listening to. In the past week, I have been swinging from happiness and hype to sad and moody. So, I have been listening to songs that vary and I hope you check them out and leave me your recommendations in the comments

  • Water Gun by RAVI
  • HOLO by LEE HI
  • NUNU NANA by Jessi
  • Flower by Hong Eunki
  • Garden in the Air by Baekhyun
  • Stay Tonight by CHUNG HA
  • You Made A Monster by Nick Kingsley & Hannah Hart
  • I See Red by Everybody Loves An Outlaw
  • Wasted Nights by ONE OK ROCK

Thanks for reading.

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