Hello and welcome to another kdrama review, where I introduce you to a drama that I completed recently. If you are looking for a drama to watch and where to watch it, this is a perfect for you. This drama is currently available on Netflix, so do check it out.


The Last Empress


Mystery, Action, Comedy, Romance


2018- 2019


Jang Na-ra

Choi Jin-hyuk

Shin Sung-rok

Lee Elijah

Shin Eun-kyung


26 episodes


The Last Empress is set in a fictional constitutional monarchy in 2018 and it follows the life of a small time actress who is conned into marrying the emperor of the Korean empire. While trying to adjust to living in the palace, she is faced with a new truth that, all isn’t as it seems, when she becomes entangled in murder and her safety is not guaranteed in the imperial family.


It is time for me to gosh about how absolutely amazing this drama was. This is one of the few dramas I can say is on my top ten Korean dramas of all time. This is a mystery thriller wrapped up in a romantic comedy. there is just so much going on in one drama, the perfection of the cast is underrated. They each performed their roles so well that I couldn’t tell who I was rooting for.

I do have to point out the few parts of this drama that just plainly annoyed me and this really had nothing to do with the characters, it had to do with the plot, there were so many plot holes and jumps that it just pissed me off, although I have to say that it wasn’t all that bad. For example, when we finally find out why the former empress was killed, we, the viewer couldn’t really decipher the gravity of the situation. I believe the gravity of the situation wasn’t well portrayed and I believe it was because the last few episodes felt a bit rushed and it just got lot in the chaos.

Another is one of the very first scenes, where the body of the dead empress was found with the necklace which was supposed to be with the new empress, this part of the story wasn’t really explained we just had to accept that maybe there were two or one was fake.

That is just one of the few of many issues, although not that relevant but it was noticeable, it didn’t really affect my viewing experience because I was so into it.

Little Spoiler

Telling you who the murder is who be a huge spoiler because in the first half of the drama you cant really tell who killed the former empress, but I will tell you this, don’t trust anyone.


I gave this drama 8.9 out of 10 stars (this is subject to me watching the drama again because I felt I left out a lot)


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? did you enjoy it?

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