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I just found out about this jem of a drama and I am so angry that I didn’t hear anything about this drama.

  • Title

Goodbye to Goodbye

  • Genre



  • Year


  • Cast

Chae Shi Ra

Jo Bo Ah

Jun (U-KISS)

Lee Sung Jae

  • Episodes

40 episodes

  • Synopsis

About two women who came to live together following the betrayals of their partners.

  • Review

Above is the synopsis on wikipedia but I have to say that this drama is a lot more than that.

First we have Jung Hyo who unexpectedly gets pregnant and has to deal with her player boyfriend who wants her to get and abortion. She deciding she won’t betray her child just like her mother did to her, she decides to keep the pregnancy. This leads her to seek out her boyfriend’s mother.

Young Hee is living in a dark home, unwilling to grant her husband a divorce even when he cheated on her and now has a child with another woman. She believes she is punishing him by making him unhappy but this is a punishment she is giving herself.

The two of them come together and form a bond that they both don’t know that they needed. Jung Hyo’s pregnancy seems to be a focal point in this drama as the drama talks about the pains of motherhood, toxemia, and pregnancy associated illnesses.

There was just a lot going on in the background with this drama and I promise that if you watch it you will love it.

  • Little Spoiler

Her asshole of a boyfriend ends up being responsible.

  • Rating

I gave this drama 8.9 out of 10 stars


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