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The way I rate dramas is similar to ways I rate books. The few changes for drama is usually based on production value, genre and majorly the acting. Bad acting would destroy any script no matter how good the script writer and director is. And last but not least is the amaziness of the story. This one is definitely a different type of drama, I don’t think I have ever seen this concept before. The only thing I can think of, is Lucifer which is the American TV show.

  • Title

Angel’s Last Mission

  • Genre



  • Year


  • Cast

Shin Hye Sun

Kim Myung Soo

Lee Dong Gun

  • Episodes

32 episodes

  • Synopsis

Dan which is played by Kim Myung Soo is an optimistic, carefree angel who is always getting into trouble. In order to return to heaven he is tasked with a mission to find true love for the talented but emotionally distant ballerina Lee Yeon-seo which is played by Shin Hye Sun, but ends up falling for her himself.

  • Review

Lee Yeon Seo is a ballerina who lost her sight after a freak accident that happened on stage while she was dancing. The accident took not only her sight but her will to live, so she took out her frustration on everyone around her.

Angel Dan is a live free sort of angel whose ambition always gets him in trouble. One day he saves someone who he shouldn’t have and that leads to him having to carry out hundred days (100) mission to help Lee Yeon Seo find true love.

Behind the stage are people plotting to steal the company her parents started while also trying to kill her. Dan as to protect her while he helps her find true love who he thinks is the new ballet director.

Dan realizes something about his past before he before an angel which leaves him shocked and angry.

  • Little Spoiler

Evil people get what is coming for them.

  • Rating

I gave this 9.7 out of 10 stars


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