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I watch so much Korean dramas that I am sure it’s unhealthy but I just can’t get enough.

I think I have probably watched over 120 kdramas (that might probably be another blog)

  • Title

Abyss ( 어비스)

  • Genre

Romantic comedy, Fantasy, crime

  • Year


  • Cast

Park Bo Young

Ahn Hyo-seop

Lee Sung Jae

  • Episodes

16 Episodes

  • Synopsis

Go Se-yeon is a beautiful and popular prosecutor, Cha Min is her friend, an unattractive but rich heir to a cosmetics empire.

Heartbroken from his recent breakup Cha Min tries to end his own life when an accident leads to him actually dying.

Go Se-yeon is murdered by a popular serial killer she is investigating.

They are both revived but they take the appearance of their souls. The “Abyss” is a celestial object which has the power to revive anything that has died; the reincarnated bodies take on the appearance of that person’s soul.

Cha Min apparently has a hot soul because he is revived as a hottie mean while Beautiful Se-yeon is revived in a plainer face (she really didn’t look that plain to me, she was still pretty)


I just loved this drama, I am probably going to watch it again just to make she I didn’t miss anything. The ending was simple and sweet and straight to the point. I just am confused about something. Did she recover her identity? Or did she continue living as a new person?

  • Little Spoiler

No matter how much they change, their fingerprints remain the same. Problematic but fortunate at the same time.

  • Rating

I gave this 7.3 out of 10 stars

Thanks for reading.

Do you watch Korean dramas? Have you watched Abyss? Did you like it?

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  1. I watch Kdrama a lot, I haven’t seen the last episode, I don’t want to yet, more like I’m sad that it’s over and I don’t want to accept it, I’m currently watching one spring night and I’m loving it, it’s from the same writer of Something in the rain. You should check it out!

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