Welcome to another Korean drama reviews. As much as I loved this drama, I hated the ending, it left me still hungry and thirsty for blood. I kept wondering why I went through all that expecting that the main character was gonna get what was coming to him. I feel unfulfilled. As someone who has not watched Dr. Foster (which is where this drama is adapted from) this story is very new and if you have watched Dr. Foster, I am pretty sure that there would be few differences as a result of cultural differences.

Without further ado, let’s get into it…


The World of the Married







Kim Hee-ae

Park Hae-Joon

Han Soo-hee

Park Sun-Hyung


16 episodes


Following the breakdown of a nuclear family living in Gosan. How her life is changed forever when the suspects that her husband is cheating on her. She decides to investigate her suspicions which she found were valid. This leads to them getting a divorce, but years later he moves into the same neighborhood with his new wife and daughter. He just wouldn’t leave his ex-wife alone and he is determined to use everything including their teenage son as a tool to get back at her.


Although I will be talking majorly about the Sun-woo, Da Kyung, and Tae-oh, I want to quickly address another important family that I was invested in. Ye-rim and her husband Je-hyuk are neighbors to Sun-woo and Tae-oh in their small community in Gosan. She and her husband have an open relationship or at least at the Je-hyuk’s end because he is a pathological player who didn’t change even until the end of the drama. He was in love with Sun-woo and he didn’t care about his wife Ye Rim who was in love with him. Their relationship seemed to be perfect on the outside but they were broken even from the start of the drama. I knew that they weren’t going to last and she just trying to hold everything together in their marriage made my heart hurt for her. All she did to get at Sun-woo was just her silly plan at revenge.

Then we have Myung-sook who works with Sun-woo at the clinic and in no other words, a two-faced bitch who would step on anyone just to get what she wants. She along with Ye-rim and Je- hyuk all knew that Tae-oh was cheating on his wife with a younger lady, Da Kyung (they even went on a trip together). In Yoruba, this woman would be called ‘Alatenuje’ Someone who is greedy and covetous who does things for his or her benefit.

As you can expect when Sun-woo finds a picture of all her so-called friends having a blast with her husband and the lady he is cheating on her with, she is furious and rightfully so. Then we had people on Twitter claimed that she went about things the wrong way, that she should have thought about her son, blah, blah, blah. (LOL). Unless you are in a position like that I don’t think anyone knows what is going to happen. I felt like she responded in her rage, which might have not been the best way but at least she got her message across. Then the side chick gets pregnant and she decides that she want to be mouthy, so she goes to the clinic where Sun-woo, which is how Sun-woo finds out (this episode was just everything).

Years later, Tae-oh is a successful producer and his now married to the side chick who he broke his home for, they move into Gosan are now neighbors to Sun-woo and as you can expect things do not go well. Their son is used as their tool for getting at each other and that was a part of the drama that I didn’t support, they could have damaged the boy for life.

You just need to watch this drama, they are a lot of side characters that made the drama as good as it is, and watching it might help open your eyes to the things that marriage and the fear of losing it does to people.

Little Spoiler

She did not drown


I gave this drama 9.3 out of 10 stars (it would have been a 10 out of 10 me but everyone in the drama, was just acting a damn fool)

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  1. Okay! So I didn’t read the entire review because of spoilers that might be on there. LOL. I just checked your rating but I will be back when I watch this. I’ve heard such amazing things about this. The actress actually won the Baeksang today so… that’s something 🙂

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