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This is one drama that has been on my ‘To Be Watched’ list since the beginning of the year and I just got around to watching it and I actually was a bit disappointed and I guess it was just my high expectations.

  • Title

My Strange Hero

  • Genre

Romantic Comedy

  • Year


  • Cast

Yoo Seung Ho

Jo Bo Ah

Kwak Dong Yeon

  • Episodes

32 episodes

  • Synopsis

9 years after being wrongfully expelled from school, Bok Su is invited to come back to high school to complete is education after he becomes a national hero.

  • Review

This drama really devlved into the corruption that goes on in private schools and the segregation of students based on their scores. It also shows the emotional strain that these students have during the course of their education.

Bok Su was expelled nine years ago after he was accused of pushing his classmate off the roof. Soo Jung was the witness whose testimony incrimated him. Now years later he saves her after she falls off her bridge trying to save her suicidal student.

  • Little Spoiler

The guy is so freaking creepy and mental, he really needs to go to the mental health clinic. You will figure out the guy.

  • Rating

I gave this 6.2 stars, I enjoyed it but I don’t think I will watch it again. It’s just one of those dramas that you enjoy while watching but don’t really watch again (we are here for honest opinion only)


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