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I have to say that I enjoyed this drama more than I was expecting to. There is this trend of Korean dramas about artificial intelligence and robots and I am a sucker for those types of dramas and this is one is no different. If you are looking for a drama that was wrapped up nicely with no loose ends then this is the drama for you.


My Holo Love







Yoon Hyun-min

Ko Sung-hee

Choi Yeo-jin


12 episodes


Han So-yeon has been living with prosopagnosia for most of her life and that as led her to live a intensely introverted life but this changes when she finds Holo, an Artificial Intelligence in the form of a Hologram which she can only see when she is wearing a specific glasses.


As you can tell from the number of episodes, this drama was short but it was long enough to display a perfect foundation and quick conclusion. The synopsis is a perfect description of the drama, this drama does not really have a lot of things going on, there are few important characters and the story is really purpose driven and character focused. we get a little back story, and of course, a little trauma and a crazy rich guy thing he can own the world.

When the Holo glasses lands in the hands of So-yeon she has no idea the danger she is in. But soon trouble is brought to her door when the Holo developer Ko Nan-do moves in nextdoor in other to monitor and to protect her. He is also there to find out why Holo keeps doing things that are out of his programming.

We get the amazing revelation that Holo is in love with So-yeon but the surprise doesnt end there, after Nan-do saved her from a car wreck she suddenly could see his face (but only his) and she also falls in love with him. To push the iceberg back in the water, Nan-do also falls in love with her.

Honestly you need to watch this drama. This drama is really short but it has all the element of a full length korean drama.

Little Spoiler

They got married and no, I don’t mean the main characters.


I gave this drama 8.7 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it

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