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  • Title

My Golden Life

  • Genre



  • Year


  • Cast

Shin Hye Sun

Park Si Hoo

Seo Eun Soo

Lee Tae Hwan

  • Episode

52 episodes

  • Synopsis

Revolves around a woman who has a chance to rise in status and a man who finds happiness in her.
A mother’s misguided love has caused her daughters to get swapped in status, and so the heroine Seo Ji-an enters the chaebol household to have a better life without knowing she is actually not their long-lost daughter, but her “former twin” sister instead.
What will happen to her once the secret get revealed, and what will happen to her relationship with the son of chaebol family Choi Do-kyung, whom she has gotten closer to as siblings?

  • Review

This drama is about family and relationships. The way it touches on love, death, suicide, heartbreak, even crushes is just phenomenal. This drama aroused a lot of feelings as I watched each episode.
I do have to point out a lot of triggers when watching this drama. this is unlike a lot of Kdramas, although the romantic relationships were very important to the story, it was not the focal point.

The way the story progress over the episodes is just amazing, this might be on the account that this drama is quite long, it has over 50 episodes running for about 1hour 30minutes. This allowed the plot to progress at a steady pace.

In this drama we follow two main families and how their fate intertwined them forever. Within this relationship, we get introduced to different aspects of individuals relationship.

One man finally ending up with the woman he was in love with over 17 years ago, after she got a divorce from her abusive husband.

A sheltered lady coming out of herself, to find that she is being duped by the guy she has a crush on, only to be saved by the least person she could expect

one sister with a long time crush

I can’t begin to explain how intertwined these relationships are without telling you the whole drama.

  • Little Spoiler

He became the chairman of the organisation.

  • Rating

I gave this drama 9.8 out of 10 stars


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