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This is Chang Wook first drama since he came out of the military and it is so amazing. I am really sad that it didnt get the hype that it deserved.

Such an amazing drama, I wish there was more like this.

  • Title

Melting Me Softly

  • Genre


Romantic Comedy

  • Year


  • Cast

Ji Chang Wook

Won Ji Ah

Yon Se Ah

  • Episode

16 Episodes

  • Synopsis

Ma Dong Chan and Go Mi Ran are both frozen during an experiment. They wake up 20 years later instead of 24 hourd later and must keep their body temperature below 33°C in order to survive

  • Review

20 years ago Dong Chan was the director of a TV show were they tried different experiments and Mi ran was a college student who acted as their participant. So when her life seems to be at the edge, Dong Chan asks her to partake in an experiment with him.

20 years later they woke to find out that the experiment which was supposed to last a day, lasted 20 years and they find all these mysterious clues about the event.

They were the first cryonics to live. The doctor who put them in the chamber has lost his memory and now they have to deal with their enemies and their temperature. The experiment resulted in them having a body temperature of 31.5°C.

The steamy romance between the two of them is as fatal as the external forces.

  • Little Spoiler

His wife falls in love with him, even with all his bullshit but he never stops being an asshole

  • Rating

I gave this a 8.9 out of 10 stars.

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