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I have probably been talking about this drama for so long, but I recently finished watching the two seasons and I am raging about the ending. I am so confused and I am anticipating the 3rd season with all I have. I will be reviewing both season 1 and 2 together as each season has about 6 episodes (honestly each episode is so well produced and written that I can’t complain with the number of episodes per season). I do not think that this drama is overhyped, but just hyped enough. I can’t specifically say its the best Korean drama that I have watched but it is definitely one with one of the best plot, story line and cinematography. The gruesome visuals, strong characters, intense scenes, gore, terror and political intrigue makes the drama a must watch for everyone addicted to horror and intrigue. The fact that it was set in the Joseon era definitely adds to the mystic of the disease and the overall zombie apocalyptic nature of the drama.











Ju Ji-hoon

Bae Doo-na

Kim Sang-ho

Kim Sung-kyu


12 episodes (2 seasons)


The King of Joseon as been raised from the dead and he serves as patient zero for the rest of the nation. As his disease spreads across the land, the crown prince goes to fight off the new enemy in other to save his people


Knowing the premise of the drama, I will go straight into the intense story building and the cinematic scenes. This drama starts out like a lot of korean drama set during this era, we see the royal court split with the right trying to gain more power (This is almost in every traditional korean drama), we follow the crown prince as he tries to set their greed down and bring prosperity to the kingdom. One thing remains a msytery, his father, the king is sick and he is not allowed to visit him. Rumors outside the palace is that the king is dead.

Unknown to a lot of people including the prince, the king as been turned into a zombie as the chancellor tried to bring the king back from the dead. the use of the so called resurrection plant led to the change in the king. The physician who treated the king, had to take his assistant body back to the poor clinic he works at after the king ate him (a few chucks, not the whole body).

Now to the clinic, honestly I can’t really call it a clinic because a lot of people seemed to be going to the place to die as the government was not providing food and medicine for the people to be treated. So asshole of a guy decides that eating human flesh would be better than starving to death. He then cooks up the body of the assistant that was eaten by the king. When the patients ate it, in minutes they all turned into zombies.

This was how the whole epidemic started.

When the crown prince got to the clinic to look for the physician, he was met with a danger he couldn’t understand. He and his bodyguard find a nurse who worked closely with the physician to stay safe and protect the others while trying to find a cure.

Honestly I am trying really hard not to say too much about this drama because you just need to watch it. I have watched a lot of zombie movies but setting of the drama, the blood, the era, the shots, the set lighting, the creepy foreshadowing songs, just makes for a creepy Visual and auditory package.

The ending of season 2 seemed like a conclusive ending but we are left with a lot of questions and I am hoping that the 3rd season is released soon.

Little Spoiler

She is not pregnant.


I gave this drama 9.3 out of 10 stars


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