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In my journey to quench my thirst for Japanese culture, I have started watching a bit more Anime, dramas, listening to more Japanese songs and I am reading manga nowadays. I have watched a few Japanese dramas that I really like and Mischievous Kiss is one of them.

Although I have to say that this drama really disappointed me. It was cringey, cheesy and excruciatingly painful for me to watch. I have never cried from the pain brought on by watching a really cheesy drama. The major things the characters were saying was “cute”, I heard that word so much that it wasn’t even cute anymore. I don’t know what it is with Japanese drama presenting women as this cute and defenseless creatures that can’t do anything but be cute and innocent.

And before I go into it, I know that this is an adaptation of a manga, but this is just all poorly imagined and written. I honestly hated watching this drama. Even though the word ‘cute’ was used so many times, there was nothing cute about this drama.

A lot of things had me screaming sexual assault, it was made to seem like as if it was normal behavior just because the guy professed his love and he wasn’t accepted or his love was not reciprocated. I can go on and on about how bad I think this drama is. Although there were a few things that I enjoyed about the drama.


Coffee and Vanilla






Dori Sakurada

Fukuhara Haruka

Kita Noa

Kuroba Mario


10 episodes


Risa is a freshman in university and she has just moved from the countryside and she is seen as the most beautiful girl on campus until one day she meets Hiroto who is the CEO of a company. Of course you guessed it, they fall in love


I don’t want to be the evil witch, who tries to tear down this drama, but hear me out. Let me start with the fact that this drama could have just be complied and made into one movie but since this is what we have. Let me start with the female main character, Risa, who is supposed to be this na├»ve country girl who just moved to Tokyo and has no real knowledge of the world. she has never dated but since she because the most beautiful girl in the school (the only representation of this in the drama, was guys kept trying to date her or rape her). Her naivety was continually referred to has cute and it made me so confused and angry. She was almost raped twice, stalked, sexual assaulted by people who she later kept as close friends (honestly it just baffled me). It was really painful to watch. Then she meets the rather handsome male main character, Hiroto, who is the CEO of a big company. They rather quickly started a relationship and the next thing we know is that he has placed a ring on her finger, to keep the other prey vultures away. Anyways, when she finds out his job, she begins to feel insecure (as her character is so one dimensional, that the whole time in the drama, she didn’t seem to have a life away from Hiroto). She tries to stand alone by applying for part time job.

I realize that I am just yapping away, the drama did have a few scenes that I really thought was well shot (makes me want to read the manga). One particular thing she says that pisses me off is “This is as far as I can go” and this is when she is unbuttoning his shirt, believe me, with Hiroto looking like a snack, it was just annoying me. That at the side. This drama is a tad bit steamy, I don’t mean fifty shades sort of stuff but it is one of those dramas that come with the 19 label in Korean dramas.

I enjoyed the bromance between Hiroto and his secretary than i did is relationship with Risa. This drama was just about 4 hours of pure cringe fest, cheesy ass lines and tangible pain. I hope you watch it and feel what I felt.

Little Spoiler

Trust me, you don’t need this part.


I gave this drama 5.2 out of 10 stars (honestly, most of the stars come from the handsome main character, the effort of the actors, nothing from the script at all)

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