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Netflix is really indulging me with my thirst for amazing dramas. I have been in a reading slump for a while and the only thing that cheers me up is watching dramas. I recently started using Viki and I really like it, the only thing is the adverts and I am not ready to pay the yearly subscription. I am too broke for that.


Pretty Man







Sierra Li

Dylan Xiong

Yu Yi Jie


28 episodes


A girl ends up in a fake marriage to a guy who she has been in love with forever. He also loves her but due to the misunderstanding her can’t tell her he loves her. Doomed by misunderstandings, two middle-school classmates miss their shot at love — but a twist of fate brings them together years later.


Let me start by saying that this drama pissed me off. I think I should point out that sixteen minutes into the first episode, I rolled my eyes so hard that my head hurt. Then sat through the main characters weirdly make out and end up naked in bed while it rained outside. The fact that he slept with her despite knowing that she was drunk out of her mind just didn’t make me trust him at all, I guess it was supposed to helplessness, it just didn’t feel that way to me.

Honestly, the storyline was good and to some extent very progressive and well written, I don’t know if it is the directing or the cast or the location, some things just didn’t work right and it made watching the drama terrible. When I finally got to episode 18, I took a long needed break from this drama and watched something else to motivate me to continue. And it was a great plan because when I continued watching the drama, it just got exponentially better and I was the the edge of my seat for the rest.

I really don’t want to spoil anything but her mother-in-law is an evil witch who was willing to do anything to protect her company, I am happy that she got what was coming to her.

For a drama that takes place in the span of 13 years, there was very little change and story development, other than the stepson becoming very rich and popular which is something that I have seen a lot of. I was just expecting a lot more, because now that I have watched a lot of really good Chinese dramas, I have quite a high expectation and this drama didn’t really meet a lot of them.

I think there are rumors about a season two but I have no expectations.

Little Spoiler

She got pregnant. This part was a major up point for the drama because it added a lot of favor to the bland story.


I gave this drama 7.3 out of 10 stars


Thanks for reading. Have you watched this drama? Did you enjoy it?

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