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You clicking this post tells me that you love Korean dramas or you are curious and want to either know what the fuss is about or you love me. I am inclined to believe the last one, don’t judge me. Anyways, we all can agree that 2020 has not gone as planned for anyone, well except you are Mr. SARS COV-2 then you probably had a fantastic well thought-out-gone-as-planned 2020. A lot of people have picked up hobbies and have started trying out things that they normally would not do. I have been watching lots of Asian dramas and I plan to continue as we close the year 2020. I am quite happy that we now have a vaccine that the UK has approved and vaccination would start soon. Get informed before getting the vaccine is all I have to say about that.

Here are a few Korean dramas starting this December that I believe you need to check out.

The Uncanny Counter

I actually came across this drama by accident on Netflix and I cannot wait for the upcoming episodes. Here we follow a boy (played by Jo Byung-gyu) who due to an accident that claimed the life of his parents is unable to walk without his cane. One day while he was out with his friends he felt something come upon him that he was unable to understand. This is how his whole life changes, he is pulled into a world of the afterlife. He joins a group of people as they fight evil spirits and protect the country from evil. NOVEMBER 28

Mr. Queen

Since the announcement of this drama, it is all I have been able to anticipate. This is a Sageuk you do not want to miss. From the teasers, I can already tell that the comedy in this one is beyond this world and something we all need right now. A historical drama set in the Joseon era. A man from the modern era finds himself trapped in the body of the Queen. He does everything to get out of the body and go back to his time but he is unable to. His character and associated changes to the Queen becomes very noticeable in the palace. The King on the other hand seems to have a personality disorder. Honestly, I cannot wait to see how this all turns out. DECEMBER 12

Secret Royal Inspector

While a lot of people seem to enjoy Korean dramas set in modern times, I really enjoy historical dramas. I do have to agree that a lot of the historical dramas these days I ever diluted. Check out my Tier Ranking Korean Historical Dramas post or KOREAN HISTORY THROUGH DRAMAS post where I broke down all the period dramas that I have watched. This drama is set towards the end of the Joseon era. We follow a high-scoring student (played by L who I absolutely adore) who after been caught gambling as been tasked with being the royal inspector. A dreaded by deadly job to have. He and his goons try the country investigating crimes that high profile nobles try to keep under the wraps. I tell you this drama will be good. He is playing alongside Kwon Na-ra and Lee Yi-Kyung. DECEMBER 21

True Beauty

I will be honest with you on this one. I am not really sure. The cast is beautiful the story is a bit wonky but I am surely excited to see how they pull this one off without if been a dumpster fire. I cannot help but think about Gangnam Beauty when I think of this drama. Everything is centered around beauty and what people believe is beautiful and the standards they hold to it. It follows a high school student who has just found the power of makeup and has become a goddess in her school. She does everything in her power to maintain her image and she does not want any of the boys disrupting her perfectly crafted image. I am happy to see hot Hwang In-yeop. DECEMBER 9

Cheat On Me If You Can

I am surprisingly excited about this murder-comedy. I have watched a number of them in my lifetime but probably two have been really good. In this drama, we follow a thriller novelist and her lawyer husband.  As a novelist, she is always thinking of ways to murder her victims (who are men who cheat on their wives). One day she receives a memorandum from her husband with the words “If you cheat, you die”. I cannot wait to see how this one pans out. DECEMBER 2

City Couple’s Way of Love

Also titled, Lovestruck in the city. I can tell this is going to be one of those Slice of life dramas that I watch on my way back from work. We follow two people as they try to figure out what love really is in a constantly changing world. Ji Chang-Wook (my love) plays an architect who is looking for a woman who has named ‘camera thief’. Kim Ji-won plays a normal woman living her ordinary life but has an alter ego who is apparently the camera thief. Individually I have loved most of their works but I am hoping that with them together they would be unforgettable. DECEMBER 8

Thanks for reading. Which of these dramas are you excited for?


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