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It’s been exactly one month since the release of YOUNG ROYALS on Netflix and I cannot count the number of times I have watched it. I and the whole Fandom is hoping that we get a Season 2. Since I really enjoyed it, I decided to create a book tag! Combining the two things I really love.

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WILMON – A book with great communication

One thing I notice about Wilhelm and Simon relationship was their ability to effectively communicate their feelings. There was no ego in the way. They were honest with each other and they did not hide their hesitations and anger from each other.

I have always hated books or movies with the miscommunication trope. I think it is sloppy, you are not Shakespeare. This show highlighted that teenagers can have civil and progressive conversations.

ROYALTY – A book with ‘the world will judge and tear us apart’ trope

This does not have to be a queer book but a book that highlights the pressure of being popular. Hiding because if the world find out they would be shunned or exploited

FELICE – A book with a crush turned friend

I cannot begin to tell you how much I liked Felice. She was one character that was with Wilhelm till the end.

FIELD SCENE – A book with the best love confession

Everyone loved this scene, not only because Wilhelm could remember Simon’s number when he was high as a kite but because of the helpless and almost poetic way he confesses his feelings for Simon. We stan

QUEER PANIC – A book with a main character who just became aware of his/her/their sexuality [First queer relationship]

The scene at the piano where Wilhelm tells Simon that they should forget the kiss ever happened, was so heartbreaking. But you could see that Wilhelm was figuring himself out and I think it was good that he had that space.

ADDICTION/DIVERSITY – A book about addiction (any type of addiction) or that has diverse characters

Check out my review of YOUNG ROYALS, I explained how diversity made the show a great one without it being forced.


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