Why I “hate” the shadowhunter TV show

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well let me explain….

Don’t hate me but this TV show just brings out the worst in me. I can’t believe I actually watched all 3 seasons. (I just keep hoping it would get better)

This is my own opinion, might conflict with yours but it doesn’t stop it from being mine opinion

Since I know a lot of people love this TV show, I will be pointing out why I was disappointed with this show. Okay maybe hate is a strong word, but this show made me cringe a lot.

Usually no matter how bad a book to movie or TV adaptation is, I usually find something to love about it.

If you have been following my blog then you probably know how much I love the Shadowhunter Chronicles and the fact that I have read every book in the shadow universe.


Shadowhunters, also known as Shadowhunters: The Mortal Instruments, is an American supernatural drama TV series based on the popular book series THE MORTAL INSTRUMENTS by Cassandra Clare

The series follows Clary Fray just like in the book but instead of her being 15 she is 18, which I believe is the beginning of all the confusion in the TV show (I do have to agree that the Clary in the book did act older than her age which I can say is the same for a lot of characters in the book).

Everything is just so wrong. I just can’t with this TV show


Conflicts and Confusions

(okay, so maybe if you haven’t read the books then you would probably enjoy this movie but having read the series about four times, I can’t help but see all the ‘changes’)

  • Forgive me, First we have actors who don’t even give us the book characters feel (okay I will agree that Simon Lewis was the only character I felt was portrayed well, every other was a struggle, don’t even get me started on Jace and Clary) everything was so forced and unreal.

As I always say, the Actors make the movie, if I wanted just a good story, I would read it.

  • The whole plot and events was just so messed up, imagine Clary being the one bounded to Jonathan (Sebastian) instead of Jace being the one bounded. Just this ‘little change’ in plot destroyed a lot of things in the whole story.
  • The sword in the drama was made by Isabelle, instead of Simon getting it from the angel and having the Mark of Cain removed by the Angel ( we get to see how Isabelle falls in love with Simon)
  • In the book Clary drew the mark of cain on Simon, but in the movie the mark was drawn by the queen of the seelie court (why would she even do that, the Queen was too involved in the events compared to the book)


What I liked

So maybe saying I hate the whole show is much of an extreme sentiment. I did like some things, I loved the way technology was imbibed. In the book, we weren’t told if there were other people in the institute but it was shown well in the show.

The whole werewolf and vampire sabang was okay

Alex and Magnus were still good, maybe I wanted more chemistry but they were good too

I loved the soundtrack and I have to say I also love Alberto Rosende

What is your opinion about the show?

Did you like it?

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I applaud you for finishing it. I only made it to in the middle of season 2 before calling it quits. I hate the show, it wasn’t accurate to the books. I’d rather read the books than watching the show.

    I lost it when Jace’s father turned out to be alive (like seriously) and then the whole Alec and that girl thing was more hurting than anything. In the books, he never shown an interest to a girl but suddenly that girl shows up, he is???

  2. Loooool. I’ve not watched it, but I don’t think I will after this review… Maybe I will🤔 because of the “What I liked” section… Or maybe I won’t, I don’t know… I might just read the book anyway, that should do… Nice blogs🙂😏 Will surely be back to read more reviews. Please do a review on the new July movies before I go and hustle to watch them!!! Thanks 😘

  3. A big applause to you for watching till Season 3, I stop watching season 1 ending while I was able to watch some bit from YouTube (only Alex and Magnus) I really don’t like how they decide to change things off, I get it if you want it to be different from the book but come on, not the major plot like Jace bound with Johnathan and Queen silas part in the book.. The series could have been better if it was left unchanged cause of how big of a reach and fan Showhunter has.

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