Vampires and sex|| 2 for 1

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I can’t believe I am finally at the point where I can freely rant about how fiction writers have made vampires synonymous to sex, not that I am complaining because I thoroughly enjoy the scenes but let’s not forget that they all can’t be having sex, like what the hell…. (breathe….). Before I go into full rant mode, if you are uncomfortable with explicit sexual description or extreme sexualization of humans and otherworldly creatures, then this is the time you exit.

The world of vampire fiction is so wide, we have books, movies, songs and dramas that have been centered around vampires but what really is the first vampire book ever written or even movies ever made (really curious here). So I searched the web and I found The Vamprye which was written back in 1816 by John William Polidori. A lot of fiction written about vampires stems from this prose.

Hmm… but where does this link between vampires and sex begin. Is there even a link? Hell yes, excuse me but have you read any vampire book with no intense sex, bed breaking, spine snapping, faster than light movement (okay, lets calm down) and amazing sex (or rather they want us to believe).

As I am a sucker for this sort of dark fantasy romance books, I am not complaining but it is just too diluted that we don’t really know the truth anymore.

The Sun: First, we thought vampires couldn’t walk in the sun because they will be burnt to ashes (Vampire Diaries), then we have the sparkling in the sun vampires (Twilight) and suddenly we don’t know what to believe. We have them wearing magical rings and freaking cloaks that protect them from the sun. For all we know, the next book about vampires might have them turning into Teletubbies in the sun and we can’t complain.

The Blood: Then, we have vampires who don’t need to drink blood (Twillight, because they are vegetarian, of course they are) and the ones who have to drink blood but it has to come out of a bag (because they believe in human lives so much), then we have some who drink synthetic blood (so freaking convenient, let’s be consistent, can we writers, I know that you are trying to shake things up but it is hella confusing for me).

The Sex: Now, let’s get to the good part, if vampires are not worried about the sun and they are completely full of blood or they are on a bloody diet (pun definitely intended) then the next big thing in their lives is sex. Sex, Sex, Sex…

Apparently all vampires have freaky, steamy, bed soaking, house on fire sex because every page I turn must have page burning sexual intensity when it comes to vampires. If he is not giving her a brooding dark gaze, he can resist the allure of her blood, there is just something about vampire.

It is almost impossible to find a book about vampires that done have any sex in it, so I decided that what better time than now to recommend a few unrealistic, fantastical, adult romance books that have vampire characters (because as much as I love to rant about this books, I am absolutely trash for them). Most of them are in a series, I blew through them so fast and I am sure you would be able to.

Dark Lover by J.R. Ward (Black Dagger Brotherhood #1)

Halfway to the Grave by Jeaniene Frost (Night Huntress #1)

How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks (Love at Stake #1)

Awakened by Brenda K. Davis (Vampire Awakenings #1)

Dark Stranger The Dream by I.T. Lucas (The Children of the Gods #1)


Thanks for reading. I would like some recommendations, let me know about any book about vampires that you have read.

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  1. This post was so funny and true at the same time hahahha
    Loving it ! I have never read a book with vampires, BUT I was (and still am ) a big sucker of TVD, so this is where I have all my vampire knowledge and you really nailed it ! 😉

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