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Welcome to another blog tour. Since I joined different book tour groups, I have just been getting a lot of books, honestly, I rarely have time to read all of them but I make time for the ones I review. Reading this book was such an eye-opener. I am so used to reading fictional books, well expect psychology books and poems (just in case you have not seen the post, Reviewing Poetry I Read Recently). Huge thanks to Love Book Tours and Val Penny for sending this book to me, if you are interested in getting a copy on release, its available on AMAZON

So let’s get into it


Unlike most of the books I review on my blog, this is a non-fiction informative book that address all the information you might need when you decide on publishing your book. Especially for writers who are planning to publish their first book.first time. Val did a great job talking about the writing process, editing, proofreading, deciding on the genre, other books that are similar to the one you are currently trying to publish, finding an agent, and submitted your work for publication.

I wish i read this book before self-publishing my book using kindle direct publishing because it elaborated on the pros and cons of self-publishing and publishing with a company. It also explained a lot about the writing process, character development, the necessity of the character, and the role in the whole plot of the book. Something also stuck with me in regard to the first draft being for the writer and continued corrections to the final products are for the reader.

She also addresses the sadness that a writer might feel after their work is rejected and how it can be improved, “there is no reason to send your romance novel to a publisher that only publishes terror or mystery novels”. Identifying publishing houses that have a reputation of publishing books in the genre that you are currently working on. It will just waste your time and that of the publishers.

Before even thinking of submitting your manuscripts, it is advisable to have it read and proofread by beta readers because just because you think it great doesn’t mean it is complete, so having a second opinion that is not a family member or friend would definitely do good. Get feedback from bloggers, book-tubers, and agencies, this would help you see which demographic your book appeals to and more of this can be seen in this book.

Val also included links to society and groups that support upcoming writers and their legal rights. Especially with regards to book contracts and royalty rates, which a lot of writers tend to be under-informed. I did feel like a lot of things in the book were repetitive, although that is not necessarily a bad thing, it just felt like it was re-enforcing the statements she made before.

I would highly recommend this book if you are thinking of publishing your book.


I gave this book 3.9 out 5 stars

Thanks for reading

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