The Queen of Nothing|| A Book Review

Hello and welcome to another book review post.

Its be a while since I reviewed a book, I have just been so busy with life. Earlier this year, I read the first two books in the Folk of Air trilogy by Holly black and I absolutely loved it. Which made Queen of Nothing one of my most anticipated books of the year.

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This book picks up a little bit after Jude is betrayed by Carden and banished from faerie. Now she is in the mortal world with her sister and her brother Oak. When one day her other sister Taryn who married that Asshole whose name I keep forgetting, comes to her home and tells her she killed her husband. She wants Jude who is her twin sister to go stand in place of her for the questioning.

Jude having been missing faerie and of course Carden, took the opportunity and went to faerie. Things just didn’t go as planned because when she gets there her father is trying to take over the throne which leads to her following him to the Court of Teeth, all the while he thinks she is Taryn.

This was not before Carden found out that she was actually Jude, he followed her to the court of the teeth to save her which resulted to her being stabbed and caused a whole slew of issues.

The curse of Carden’s birth is also revealed and when the curse actually comes to pass…. (I will stop her because, I am treading dangerous waters for people who have not read the book).

Okay so Holly why did you cut that potentially steamy sex scence off. Carden was giving me some tail fetish vibes in that scene.

Anyways I absolutely loved and I believe it is a perfect conclusion to the trilogy. I would be anticipating more from Holly Black.


I gave this book 4.8 out of 5 stars.

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