Welcome to another monthly wrap up!

I cannot begin to express how busy the month of September was for me. However, I can confidently state that I have achieved a lot. I have made plans on how to further my online presence. That is, my blog post, a weekly podcast, and some special surprises coming soon.

Most of the books I read this month were quick romance books that just kept me grounded. I read of T.L. Swan books and from the ones I read recently, Gym Junkie and Our Way are still my favorites. Definitely check them out if you are looking for books with very steamy romance. Swan is not shy!!!!!! I read some poetry collections, one by  Javon Johson, titled Aint Never Not Been Black. I described it as the personification of experiences that shaped the main character in a black body. Definitely recommend you check it out. I also spoke in-depth on how Non-conforming sexuality is viewed in Africa and what I took away from Akwaeke Emezi’s book, THE DEATH OF VIVEK OJI

Podcast: Non-Conforming Sexuality in Africa

Since I submitted my dissertation, I have taken a week off work. Essentially, I have been having numerous sleepless nights watching Asian dramas. I am currently watching 3 ongoing Korean dramas namely, Record of Youth, 18 Again, and Do You Like Brahms? which are all amazing and I suggest you check them out. I also completed the Chinese drama GO AHEAD which was just amazing. Song Weilong is the main character, so this might just be because of my insane crush. Nevertheless, it is a great drama.

Music as always is an important part of my life. I have started listening to really old kpop songs again. It has just been fascinating to listen to songs that really made up my adolescent years. I have also started trying out new kpop groups (I am too invested in BTS), however, I have noticed that my standard and taste is too high. This is just my subjective opinion considering the number of new kpop songs I have listened to in the past few weeks. There are so few of which I like, the others just sound so all over the place and the lyrics don’t do much for me. Anyways, here is a shortlist of  some songs I like

  • God’s Menu by Stray Kids
  • Flame by CRAVITY
  • 911 by Lady Gaga
  • Still by DKB
  • I Love You by TREASURE
  • Red Moon by Kim Woo Seok
  • Light by UP10TION

I will stop here today. However, if you want more music recommendations. Then check out my weekly MUSIC RECOMMENDATION   posts.

Thanks for reading.

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  1. I love monthly wrap up posts! I always go through my bullet journal at the end of the month and record my favourite books, movies and events, and record things like how far I’ve walked. I think summarising how your month went is a great way to reflect, and bring it to a close before facing the new month. Thanks for sharing!

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