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Another week, another poem


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Fate, destiny, will

Words of the helpless

You leave your existence to a deity

The word faith and fate become a confusion

Faith as been dragged to the mud

It seems like it’s fate

The unknown is feared

The known is unaccepted

Hence the indecisiveness

The mud in which faith sad laughing its fate


Faith as been used to cover up pretense

There is a disquieting finality in the fate of faith


I as a person, I tend to hide all my shortcomings under the umbrella of faith that tomorrow will be better. But sometimes I wonder if everything isn’t up to faith, if one is fated to succeed in one area and fail in the other, no matter how great one’s faith is.


A while


Is there a balance between faith and fate? Has faith become the subject of fate? Is one’s outcome based on faith or hope or predestined faith?

I wonder…


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