Podcast: Xenophobic Reaction to BTS Speech at the UNGA

Welcome to another podcast episode!!!

I am a little saucy when it comes to BTS. Especially when it comes to racially biased opinions. I mean it is one thing to not like their music another is to hate them just for being Korean. Or being a popular boy band who sing songs in multiple languages. I call it jealously!

Anyways, recently BTS spoke at the United Nations General Assembly which is the second time that they have spoken there. As expected people would have racially changed comments to make about their speech. Their speech was fantastic and inspiring for a lot of people.

ENHYPEN is debuting in November! I am still angry that K was not selected. Give me a SOLO K! Listen to Simp over Namjoon and Wonho’s new Album and Beefiness!

More information and ranting about the situation on my Podcast: BTS Speech at the UNGA met with Xenophobia and Racism

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