PODCAST: Writers Obsession With Trilogies

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In this episode on my podcast, I talk about the obsession authors have with trilogies and how detrimental to the quality of their work. There is also the possibility that the ‘trilogy obsession’  is a fault of the publishers and not that of the authors. Midnight sun sells 1 million copies. Is this nostalgia or intrigue? Really a book from the Twilight franchise ‘we’ don’t like, is getting reproduced from another character’s perspective. I mean, what do we expect from authors at this point. We cannot escape from the constant milking of old works.

What do you think of all these????

More of these topics on my podcast.

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2 thoughts on “PODCAST: Writers Obsession With Trilogies

  1. I didn’t know you did a podcast! I’m listening now 😀

    I have no intentions of reading Midnight sun but I did like twilight back when it came out – my reading tastes have changed and grown I’m not sure I want to read something from Edward’s perspective when it’s a story I know.

    1. Exactly, Personally I didn’t really enjoy the the first book enough to continue reading the books in the series. So Midnight dun wont really be better because it if from Sparky Edward POV

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