Podcast: White-Washed Feminism

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I appreciate you all interacting during my last podcast, on which I spoke about writers’ obsession with trilogies. If you have not listened to that episode it is available on Spotify and almost every platform you listen to podcasts on.

I divided this episode into 2 parts. In the first part, I reviewed Hood Feminism by Mikki Kendall. This book highlights how feminist solidarity only profits women from a specific class and race. I review each chapter of this book as it relates to different topics that optimally fall under the feminist movement. The housing crisis, the lynching of transgender people, maternity leave, domestic violence, gun violence, and the black lives matter movement. In the second part, I discussed how feminism is not all-encompassing. I used voting as an example and how even when the candidate plainly said he grabs women by the pussy, he was still voted in by so-called strong feminist women. This book is an eye-opener that every ‘feminist’ needs to read.

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