Podcast: Chrissy Teigen and Abortion Rights Activists Listen UP!!!

Welcome to another rage fest!

After digesting the ignorance of pro-life activists on Twitter, I have something to say to them. These jobless people are always willing to dictate how women should treat their bodies! The root of the problem is never the focus of attention with political and powerful pro-life entities. Since they are usually at the root of the problem. They refuse to ensure quality healthcare, maternal benefits, good education for special and underprivileged children BUT they are focused on forcing a woman to have a child! Where are all the feminists that claim a woman can do anything with her body?!! They all seem to have disappeared from the conversation!

To see all those ignorant people make insensitive comments about Chrissy Teigen’s loss is just unacceptable and evil!

I go on a full rant!!!!

Thanks for listening!

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