Podcast: AMERICA is a BIG JOKE

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All eyes have been on America for the past few months. Especially with the way the Trump Administration have the COVID-19 Pandemic. We see him accuse China of the virus (while it is true that the virus originated there). Instead of actually devise plans to control the virus. The United States of America has the largest percentage of people who have died from this virus. Yet the president refuses to wear a mask and order his citizens to do the same. They made the lives of the citizens a political gamble. It is just ridiculous the way America the supposed giant has failed to handle this virus. Take a look at countries like South Korea and Japan who have done great jobs containing this virus.

Now that Trump and Melania have this virus, I hope it would be an eye-opening experience for them. And to the millions of selfish Americans, I have something to say to you…

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4 thoughts on “Podcast: AMERICA is a BIG JOKE

  1. You are so right, people are so selfish. I have asthma and ME/CFS so my immune system isn’t great. I have only been out 4 times since lock down ended out of necessity like going for my flu injection. Even though I struggle to breathe with my face mask on I’d rather struggle than put myself or others at risk.
    Great podcast by the way.

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