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I will jump straight into the books that I read recently that I got from Netgalley. I always get more book on Netgalley than I have time to actually read and review them. This post series gives me the motivation I need to actually get that done.

Lagos is Killing Me by Oloyede Michael Taiwo


Thanks to The Roaring Lion Newcastle for making this poetry collection available to me for an honest review.

I am afraid that this review might be a bit too honest but I hope whoever is reading this understand that I am not writing this in spite or with that intention in mind.
Let me first address the things I loved about this collection and why I gave it 2 stars. Lagos is Killing Me is an amalgamation of events, places, relationships, heartbreaks in that it explores themes of love, hope, acceptance, culture and national pride. Every single poem exposes that writer innermost thoughts on society and his relationship with it. From his relationship with his father, the END SARS movement, Racism and his experience, Michael was very raw with his expressions. His exploration of these topics made it very easy for me to relate as a Nigerian who have experienced the same or similar emotions. So to that, I would employ that people read this collection.

However, this book was really difficult to read because of the unnecessary and almost annoyingly excessive use of analogies, convoluted word choices and metaphors. It just got me thinking, ‘who is he writing for?’. If the average reader cannot comprehend your word choices, how would they be able to fully enjoy your writing and even fall into your poetry? That is not to say that one should not learn new words from reading. But when it is in every line and every page then it becomes really hard for the reader (This is my personal opinion as a reader). I have read so many poetry collections over the years that span different generations and whilst this is one of the most relatable in terms of cultural experience, it was also the most difficult to connect with because I was too busy trying to link several analogies and google words at every turn!


I gave this book 2 out of 5 stars

Two-Week Wait: an IVF story by Luke C Jackson


This book was so heart-wrenching and at the same time comforting to me. We follow a trail or a footpath of Conrad and Joanne’s life. As they start their relationship and their inability to have children. The heartbreaking rounds of IVF and the expense and stain that placed on their relationship. They had to struggle with money have IVF treatments are expensive, there was also the strain that is placed on their mental health as the pregnancy did not take and even losing the one they had. It was very painful for them, that it began to reflect on their work at their place of work. This book was packed with the experience of all their friends and family even the doctors who were in charge of their case.

It was uplighting to see the support they got from their friends and family. Even coworker understanding the need to give them a break when needed.

I would highly recommend this book.


I gave this book 4 out of 5 stars

She’s My Knight, Vol. 1 by Saisou


We follow Haruma Ichinose a very popular boy in high school. He has been able to maintain his popularity because of his charm and appreciation of things, especially people around him. That is until he meets and gets close to Yuki Mogami who is taller than him and seems to be loved by everyone.
He falls in love with her but cannot get rid of his jealously of her. He is jealous that she is taller than him and she definitely goes to lengths to ensure that he is aware of his shortness. It was quite funnier actually. Anyways, since he fell in love with her, he thinks because he is charming, she would fall in love with him too… Wrong…

I quite enjoyed this story, it was just frustrating to see that the height difference was the major bone of contention in the book. I wish there was a bit more.


I gave this 2.7 out of 5 stars

The Book of Love: Karma and Dopamine by Mike Bhangu


“Love for another is all good so long as it doesn’t morph into a prison, and trap the soul from communing with The Great Architect”

This is one line from the book that encapsulates the message of the author. Everyone searches for a soulmate, while the author believes the soul is already complete and search for a supposed half is unnecessary. I do not think the endeavour is unnecessary rather the expectation is overblown and honestly incapable to meet. Like Mike Bhangu rightfully said, the love/ soulmate shown on TV/Hollywood creates a perfect but yet wrong image of love. The kind of love portrayed is one that traps and breaks the soul. Hence the need for a supposed soulmate.

This collection was short but really thought-provoking.


I gave this book 3.4 out of 5 stars

One Thing Leads to a Lover by Susanna Craig


Thanks to Kensington Books for making this book available to me.

I read the first book in the Love and Let Spy series last year and I really enjoyed it. This book is no different. We follow Amanda Bartlett, the Countess of Kingston. She is the perfect Countess and she is just coming out of her mourning period for the late Count with who she had two sons. She has lived a simple life so far, with no fuss. Marrying a man who was over two decades older than she was when she just debut. She is still being sheltered by her mother who does not want her to get a bad name like other widowed women of high society do. I mean, the scandal that could be attached.

In comes Major Langley Stanhope, an intelligence officer who has been dispatched to retrieve a book that contains information highly valuable. In search for the book, he meets Amanda and the attraction they both feel is instantaneous. They go on a little spy rendezvous, that result in an inappropriate kiss in a public space. She soon finds out that he is also the newly employed Tutor for her sons.

The search for the book turns dangerous when sex, love and kidnapping get added to the mix. I really enjoyed this book and I highly recommend it for people looking for a crossmatch of Bridgerton and Kingsman: The Secret Service.


I gave this book 4.2 out of 5 stars

Thanks for reading.

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