My Rating System

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To start this week’s blog, I will be explaining how I rate my books.


I usually rate my books and even movies using the standard 5 stars style but it usually starts with it being 10 stars.


⭐⭐ – two stars are given based on pure general enjoyment. i.e Did I laugh, cry or get angry? (good anger) while reading the book. Did I have fun being in the world created by the author?

⭐- one star is given if I fall in love with any character? (Using for me, I like the villians or even like the entirety of Cassandra Clare’s work, there is usually one character I get to fall in love with)

⭐⭐- two stars are given based son the arrangement of the entire story, if it was well thought of, if the writing was great, if the characters were well developed

⭐⭐⭐⭐- four stars are given based on how mind blowing the story was, if it was refreshing, if it was new or fresh (I am sick and tired of poorly refined stories)

⭐- one star is given if I learnt a love lesson and if I would recommend it to someone, or if would I read it again

After this, I then add the stars and divide it by 2 before approximating.


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